Who my fren?............ I need to know!


who my fren?

  • Don't want to be
  • No
  • Yes


Please explain your answer and why?

By the way this is a positive topic but u can say why u say no and why u say u don't want to be without getting flagged by me...

I have seen people complain about The Mass Tag list currently in use, and we need new guidelines.

Please, copy directly off of this topic when using the Mass Tag list. It will annoy you, I know, but it will constantly change.

Here are the new guidelines for adding and using the mass tag list.

Add yourself only. Do not add other people to the mass tag list. I'll see all of the edits, so I'll correct you if you added someone else's name, on accident or on purpose.

Don't use the tag list in all of your topics. We shouldn't be using the mass tag list in every single topic we or another person creates. It is annoying to have to scroll through that, and it doesn't contribute to the discussion.

Always use the current version. Again, people will leave or take their name off of the list. Please always use the current version so we don't have to deal with people getting angry.

Please don't tamper with this list. It gets annoying when someone destroys something. So please don't tamper with the tag list.

Don't use them for silly reasons. It's annoying when people use the mass tag list when you are trying to guess somebody's secret account or something similar.

Use it only once in a topic. It isn't fun or friendly when people get mass tagged more than once in a topic.

Do not use this on an "I am leaving" topic. On the old Mass Tag List, it said this. Kiwicute said this herself.

If you have any guidelines, add them here. :wink:

Edit your name to this tag list.

tag list
@BB-Box @MiiR_legend
@HappyDolphin @Paydent12



K so which two peeps don't wanna b


I think you copied the whole mass tag list topic lol


Why's? U no wanna b?


I'm your fren fren


Oops did I do it wrong :confused::confused::confused:


Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay screams

Why yo lookin at me mum



(20 characters)


Yes. Because hallo.

And lol you copied the whole topic with the OMTL :joy:


I don't get it what have I done


We're Frens already because you're awesome and British and know German and helped me help you and i have memories of helping you on HS which gave me something to do :wink:


Saaaaammee lol yas I wanna make u a frens present ok I'm gonna draw somethin 4 u


:blush: thanks Jess!
cough German school


coughs ***



Ok I'm not saying I'm your fren just to be nice. I seriously consider you an awesome helpful HSer and think your posts are helpful and awesome. Did I forget to mention your helpful and awesome?! :D


Why aren't we frens? ......


You are. TRC said they didn't say you were Frens to be nice, but because it was genuine :wink:


Oops lol read that wrong


I'm not sure if you consider us frens, but I can. You're really nice from what I've seen of you, and helpful! I haven't had that much of a chance to talk with you, but I'd laik to be frens :D


I'm definitely your friend :smiley: