Who Missed Meh? Jk... Announcement


Hi! So I I'm back! But I've come back to let you guys know that I'm currently planning to leave permanently. SO, I wanted to ask you guys what to do for my last Hopscotch drawing! That, and I'm actually still wondering if you guys missed me XD

So bye bye for now but I'll still be on the forum once in a while!


Sorry, absolutely no communication outside the forums is allowed with hops you don't know :wink:
It will be flagged :0

Please edit out usernames to everything you just said! It's dangerous and can result in flagging, suspensions, and being banned! It's also dangerous for you and other hops!


Thanks for editing :D

Hmm, what do you like drawing usually? :D


Whoops! I forgot! thanks for reminding me!


That's ok! :D
You're welcome!


Ok, bye. Why are you leaving?


Welcome back!!!


Welcome back!
Why are you going to leave?


I remember seeing you somewhere but I forget where xD