Who loves math?



Uhhh seventh. I think. Yeah.


Who would like to learn how to do multiplication in other bases!
(Bases 2 - 30, 32, 36, 40 and 60 to be specific)

Base 60 used by the Babylonians!


Oh, we learned that in History lel


We should do a super epic ultra math competition!
Yeah, I know I tried to make one already.. but it'd be a cool idea to do a super epic math showdown or something!

This video would interest you

This one too

Do you watch Numberphile??
I shall now create a Numberphile topic..


Yes! This topic is saved!!


that's cool


okie dokie :heart: maths for sure


Would you like to be apart of the math Tag list?


I would love to be part of that!


Ok! I'll add you in!
Oh wait, you already are in


Math is the reason that we came so far. Without it, we would be still seeing if rocks are edible (they aren’t, I tried)


Oops, did not mean to revive this.


I really like math…


I read this wrong