Who loves math?



let's start off with finding x.

this is incorrect, as any number multiplied by 1 any amount of times equals to itself.

this is correct.

after this, we have to check for the correct number to square 3 by, or for a simpler form, we have to find y.

this is incorrect, as any number multiplied by 1 any amount of times equals to itself.

this is incorrect, as we were all taught the kindergarten problem that 3 ^ 2 = 9.

this is incorrect, as 3 ^ 3 is equal to 27.

this is incorrect, as 3 ^ 4 equals to 81.

this is correct, as 3 to the power of 5 is equal to 243.
we can now find out that y is equal to 5.
because we have found out what y is equal to, we now have an answer.


I think that might be improper PEMDAS, exponentiation comes before multiplication
In this case, the x and y ends up to be a nasty log


oh right! I should have known :c


can we just pretend pemdas means pmedas for a minute


:wink: wink, wink
Shhhh, don't tell


I'm going to be honest, this is why math isn't my best subject...


every one have no ■■■■■■■■■■ love math.


I absolutely love math!!!!




Yes! Math is awesome!! I'm trying to convince my friend that math is in everything but she doesn't want to believe me :stuck_out_tongue:


Ur school is one math behind us!
I'm in Algebra 1 and imma sevie


Chemistry more like chemMYSTERY cause I don't know what's going on.
Biology more like BYEology cause I'm out.
Calculus more like calKILL US cause my sanity dies with every question.
Math more like no.


U bragged
I am also #1 or #2 at math


Reviving this topic, cuz Dudey told me it existed...

Meh is addicted to finding random patterns and doing random math stuff all the time (rn, I just posted a number poll and mental found every individual persons rating... just goes to show..)


I absolutely love math, but this is fun:

Trigonometry is like: Trigo NO MORE etry (same with geometry)

Algebra is like: Alge BRUH NO MORE


sorry, math isn't that bad, tho


I think algebra is easy. But I haven't done complicated stuff yet, so I don't know.


What grade are you in?


Also, formulas are deat.h when you can't remember them...


I agree. It was fun, too. All math is fun, except for memorizing postulates and doing proofs.. that was in geometry for me..