Who loves math?



our teachers there are some of the worst and most strict homosapiens on planet terra


Yeah. Why?


Math is alright

I'm taking advanced math next year I think


listen to me peeps


I love math! I was doing algebra 1 when I was in eighth grade because I finished my eighth grade math (which was pre algebra) in 7th grade! Now I'm in ninth grade and doing advanced algebra and a bit of algebra 2. I also would like to help anyone with math if they have a problem:)


I thought you are supposed to do algebra 1 in eighth grade....cause that is what my school does...


In USA 9th grade is when you start algebra which is usually ages 14-15 but I think other countries are different with the grading system. If you are in the USA then welp :3 but in 4th grade homeschool we start with little algebra problems like "x+2=5 what's x" but now it's more like "factor the expression 9x^3+18x^2+72x" and stuff like that. Anyways it's easier than it looks once you get the concept. By the way what grade are you in? I'm in 9th


i also but i not in practices.


We start algebra in seventh grade lol


Well, I go to a private school, it might be a little different...but in our school half the eight grade does pre algebra and the other algebra 1 depending on what they are most comfortable with.


I just posted a super hard math problem in my general topic, you guys should go check it out!!


I love math! Hooray!
Time to get the suuuper nerdy math problems:

Math Quiz!! (Might be hard)

Question 1.
How many digits are there in 3^(3^(3^3) or simply 3^^4 using tetration

Question 2.
If an equilateral triangle is inscribed inside of a circle that has an area of pi, what is the area of the triangle?

Time to make a topic!


Wow lol in seventh grade I had basic math. Like addition subtraction division and multiplication but much harder than the earlier grades. But there was algebra in it :slight_smile:


Cool! My dad gives me a practice sheet every morning which helps


1.5x ^ y = 243
what's x and what's y
(btw this isnt a homework question. im just challenging everyone)


Yeah we start in 7th I think most schools start in 7th or 8th grade in the US


would we have to know one of the variables? unless x is equal to t he root of 162. I do not know what the root is, as it is a variable y, hence not continuing? unless 162 can only be factored a couple ways... I can't think at the moment.. x is between 12-13(not the numbers but a decimal) if y is 2


I think its....162? To the power of one is always itself right?


If anyone wants to share some math problems you can go to this topic.

I love math! Can't say I'm a math whiz, though. I'm good at math compared to the people in my school, but compared to y'all I'm really dumb XD (taking seventh grade math this year, next year I'm doing pre-AP pre-algebra)


Or go to the math competition topic, hint hint