Who loves math?



I LOVE math, but my school does offer any classes above your grade level. Like 6th grade cannot take 8th grade math, and you cannot take advanced math until high school. Sadly, our school does not have a GT program. Anyways, math is my favorite period at school.


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French :slight_smile:
Gym :neutral_face:
Health :unamused:
English :expressionless:
Band :grinning:
Geography :sob:
Math :confused:
Science :grinning:


I am SO sorry u have health.
U should've seen me a pet Family Life (basicly Health)


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How I feel about school subjects:
Math: :slight_frown:
• Reading::heart_eyes:
• Writing::smiley:
Social Studies::expressionless:
This is how much I like the subject. Depending on how the teacher teaches it, it could vary.


No problem :)
I've never really taught anyone math before XD
Did you understand?


Thank u!
Our next unit is statistics. Be prepared......

unless I'm good at it put prolly not.


Statistics shouldn't be too hard, but we're all different :D


Right now it isn't too bad...let just wait till
the unit of :couple_with_heart:


I know. I've been taught what groove is.


Let's get back on topic :flushed:

Lol :joy:
We're talking about this in a topic about math


Yeah. We shud.
My frens r gonna kill me now that u know what groove is


Yeah, usually I'm told I'm rlly messed up cuz I made some jokes about stuff.


would say I love math because my entire family is based around math (dad is applied maths and a statistician and a professor, mom is a math whiz, grandparents love math, grandfather came up with a really cool theorem/principle of imaginary figures) but

eeehhhhhh :///

I really like things that I can memorize and repeat and so it back, but when anyone with a simple calculator can do it, I lose motivation to try and struggle with memorizing things.
If you memorize the history of a continent ((coughcough totally isn't on my to-do list)) people look at you and say "oh, interesting!" but if you do math then people feel downtrodden and as though you're showing off

... just, honestly. I'm okay at math, but I hate the subject and I prefer to do things that when memorized, can be retold, rather than repeated.


Credit to Mr. Rex

Bible :smiley:
English (real teacher):smiley: (our sub):frowning:
- PE​:grinning:
- Art​:smiley:
- Computer​:slight_smile:
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I like math. If I learn the concept well, it's actually fun? (If there aren't expressions or equations with really long decimals when you are in the middle of solving a problem)


Everyone in my family isn't good at math...........


My mom hates math, but I placed 1st in state in math for our grade for an academic competition. I also placed 1st in two other categories and 2nd in one. Anyways, I like my math teacher, and she makes everything understandable and as short (while still being accurate) as possible.


Math :grinning:
Science :rage:
Mythology :neutral_face:
Reading :smiley:
Composition :slight_smile:
Grammar :blush:
Art :angry:


Just a reminder everyone. This topic isn't for talking about how good or bad you are at math. It simply is just made for math in general.


Why don't you like science and art?