Who loves math?



Hey guys! Who likes math? Cause I do!
But don't flag. Hopscotch has math in its code to make what it is, so without math, Hopscotch wouldn't be made! Also we wouldn't know how to add anything up or do any fun math stuff!
So appreciate math!

the youtuber is Trainer Tips, a Pokémon Go one


Not me, sorry.


I love math. I am pretty much a god at math. I'm probably like the best person in my school at math (not even exaggerating, also sorry for kinda bragging)


People don't know how good I am at doing the math. I do math in my head all the time. Math is super fun to do!


I like math, I'm ok enough to skip a math year. I guess, idk.

I'm really more of an artistic, crazy, too far outside the box to even think about finding me person.


I love math. I take way to long on multiplication though. It would make sense if I had just learned it, but I learned it years ago.


math is pretty fun imo, my 2nd favorite subject next to reading
im about 4120973289532873264545454187924132987946517095879326561364861328798x better than everyone in my class at math


I love math its my best subject!


oh yeah?
if 1 = 1
3 = 1
2 = 3
2 = 4
4 = 5
does 5 = 1?


I don't really like math. My mom taught me since forever, so I'm pretty good (doing 8th grade stuff in 6th grade), but all that nagging from her kinda gave me a grudge against math, though she lets me take care of my own learning now.


Apparently I'm good at math (said a few people in my class)
Better than the other girls, I guess


guys, this is not a topic to freely talk about how good you are at math :/

I actually kinda like math? It's not the best with some concepts, but when you get them down, it's actually kinda fun.

I love how it all connects together. Like, a concept of math would equal another concept and that concept relates to another concept and-

Well. You get the point.

I also like how there's formulas so you can check anything if you're not sure if it's right.

I'm in algebra right now, and... XD There's a TON of formulas.

looks like you're back again phase...


I was picked to be in a advanced math class. I'm one of the top 20th sixth garders in math!

I like math :D


Yeah we started more advanced algebra this year, and I'm doing pretty welll in it, but I have trouble understand some of the concepts well.

Like, I'll have it down the first day we start learning about it, and next thing I know it's gotten harder and harder and I no longer know what I'm doing.


Actually skipped two grades for math, so :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I use a calculator when I code, does anyone else do that?


I guess I do lol
Math math
Math is fun
Algebra is so easy lol


We started algebra fbis year it's so easy


Yes, 5 = 1 with those set of rules

sorry @Valgo


I got in advanced math by luck. I guessed on half the questions on the MAP test, and apparently I got a good score, so... I am in advanced math.



Lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I like math. The thing about math for me is that it doesn't make sense one moment, then the teacher explains, and BOOM, it's really easy.

Eh, I guess I'm good, but not that good. Some kids in 6th grade are already in eigth. :0
And apparently I have to go to high school math next year... :grimacing:

Someone should save me XD