tons and tons and tons and tons u deserve! U don't get enough fan accs @KVJ


i love sledgehammer


Please keep your posts Hopscotch related!


Omg guys. I'm gonna make a project about this.

im think because of this im gonna post a project where i try to code song by charlie puth so if anyone has any tips on how to do that plz tell me! also if this works out ill try a 5H song to!!


Charlie Puth! Kewl! I want to code Charlie Puth,Shawn Mendez (Idek how to spell) and One Direction's songs


me too!
Nyle in one direction is my fave!
(IDK how to spell his name.)


Who is that?


did you read discription?!???!?!


*description @kitty708.:wink:




It kinda is and not cause it says could anybody CODE something fifth harmony related!


Lol you added the coding part in after I typed that though. XD