I am a total Harmonizer.
I :heart: Normani!
Normani is my favorite!!!! :heart_eyes:
could anyone code something fifth harmony related?


Remember to keep all things HS related. :) Is there any way to relate this to coding?


Things have to be related to Hopscotch here on the forum. Any way you can make it related? Maybe ask people to code something?


is anyone willing to code a fifth harmony song?? i have no idea how to. will anyone collab with me on that?


Let's try to keep things Høpscøtch related here


im asking if anyone could code anything fifth harmony related


Maybe you can try coding their music in Hopscotch for a Fifth Harmony project.


Maybe you could code a song by fifth harmony


Welcome to the forum! Remember to keep all things Hopscotch related! I can see this can relate.

Tag @KVJ for some help! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi that's me!



do u know how to do that?


Only talented musicians in hopscotch can make it nearly perfect, BuildASnowman has a hack to do it, or you could just try. Can you try and make one yourself and see where it takes you?


thanks. are you KVJ and KVJ is awesome and KVJ is awsome 2.0?


I'm not @KVJ, though he is a cyber friend!


I don't publish music on Hopscotch, but I know it's easier to make music if you copy from a note sheet of the song you want to do.


Why don't you code something fifth harmony related? :slight_smile:

I could help a bit!


My favorite song by them is "Miss Moving On!"
It's something like that!
It was my favorite song for a while!


No I'm KVJ. The other two are @smishsmash being absurdly nice


It's not absurd, you deserve all those fan accs I made you! cough cough @kvj_is_awesome @kvj_is_awesome_2.0 cough

#not as much as everyone else does :stuck_out_tongue: