Who likes CrookedCat6519?


This is my first post! Who likes CrookedCat,
He is my favorite Hopscotcher!

  • He rules
  • No I don't like him
  • He's meh


Votes are public.


But... its not. :thinking::thinking:


It is! It's my first original post​:smile:


It's ur first topic! :DD

U might wanna tag @CrookedCat6519!


Hello! Thanks Bobby Pin for liking me! That's really kind of you!

I really am happy to have a big fan! I am not too popular yet...
I do really think it's cool I got top featured 2 times though!


OMG hi! I am a huge fan!


Thanks! You guys are awesome!

I have to take a cat nap :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Cya later!


:scream::scream::scream::scream:that was awesome! Bye!

Thanks @EnchantedAnimallover so much for tagging him! He doesn't reply to me much! Being top featured twice and all!


I just made a really bad mistake!!!!! :(

I accidentally clicked on the bad choice :(

I'm voting for the "He rules" option!

Forgive me ;(


I am pretty sure you can change it @Helios If not here you go!

  • He rocks
  • I don't like him



There I changed my vote for you :slight_smile: