Who Knows TrevCoding? If Not Come Here To Learn More About Me


I created this topic to see who knows me already. Vote below then read about me if you didn't know who I am!

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Here's a little bit about me:
Age : 13 (Birthday : July 4th):tada:
Hopscotch Name : TrevCoding​:smile:
Favorite Subject In School : Math And Science :alembic::bar_chart:
Special Abilities : Can Solve A Rubiks Cube In Under A Minute (Best Time : 24 Seconds) Flexible (On A Scale To 1-10 : 9)
Friends : Hmmm I would say tons of people on the forums, but I'm not sure they call me there friends (@bluedogmc-official @Liza (:stuck_out_tongue:) @PixelMaster64 @Nerd4Ever)
Have You Been Featured : Yes, I think I've been featured 4-5 times so far. My first feature was my 3D draw a long time ago.
Cats Or Dogs : :cat:
Are You A Beta Tester : Yes
My Name : Trevor
Time Zone : EST (Eastern / New York Timezone)
First Project : Emoji Rush (Fact : I Acutally Missed Spelled My First Game. I Put Emoji Ruch Instead Of Emoji Rush)

A little more :

I'm a PRO LEAGUE Hopscotcher with an appetite for coding. I have a Beta Testing Team (@bluedogmc-official @Nerd4Ever @ButterBark @AwesomeNachos) and we are currently working on Balloon Popper. I am a middle child and I am also homeschooled. If you couldn't tell by my age I'm in 8th grade. My favorite games include ; Hopscotch, Minecraft, Roblox, And Pheonix 2.
If you have any questions ask down below. :+1:🏻


hello its me i was wondering

idk im just posting because I got tagged.


You got tagged twice :stuck_out_tongue: #Special


Lol I didn't know 3 people knew me


Well now I know who you are!:grinning:

Nice job with your Rubix cube time!:grinning: What solving method did you use to get that time?


Well I just got really lucky with f2l and a beginners method on the last layer.


Nice profile pic :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks @happyfacegirl made it for me, you should check her out!


SHE IS MY IDOL :0 :0 :0 :0


Wait... 3D DRAW?

I NOMINATED THAT! OMG! That was your first feature! :000000


Wait, you nominated that lol. I wasn't on the forums then so I didn't know people could nominate. Thats awesome you liked it!


Yeah, I was randomly looking around and saw it! It was super cool, so I rushed back here and nominated it, and you got featured! :smile:


If I'm correct it was the 3rd game I made and I was super proud for getting it featured. Well know that I know you nominated it, I should be thanking you


It was an amazing game! How could it not get featured? :DDDD