Who knows how to record inside the screen using iMovie?


Can someone tell me how to record using iMovie so I can make a hopscotch video on how to code a project or make a musically video (that isn't related sorry) because I may make a small version of it on musiclaly or I'll ask my mom if I can make a YouTube channel to teach you guys how to code stuff and I'll do gaming or reacting if I cna get a channel so I need a tutorial on how to screen record with iMovie and stuff like that. Like how to pause, how to start recording, how to stop recording, etc.


Sorry, but you can't screen record using iMovie.. you need to use QuickTime on a computer or an emulator like AirShou on the iPad.


@huggingfluffybear what app do you use


On some newer iPads, you can record directly from the screen! It's a part of the app, with a red button in the top left!
That's how I made my current profile gif!


I think @KayKay means how to record the entire iPad screen, not just playing a Hopscotch project.



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Yeah like make a hopscotch tutorial or react to musicallys or draw



Download the app and enjoy! :smiley:


Nuuu it's blocked on my school iPad.


That's too bad. Well, it is technically not allowed.




What do you mean by not allowed


K downloaded it
@MR.GAM3R it's not an illegal app right


Well, it's not on the App Store because Apple doesn't allow screen recorders. It's not illegal.


Okay good
What does resolution mean
Also do you app


Resolution is the quality of the video. Low resolution is blur :frowning:


I'm waiting for the thing to load


So how do I enable mirroring


Go to the Control Centre (swipe from the bottom of the screen) and tap on AirPlay.Slect your device and you'll find the Mirroring option