Who is your favourite undertale character?

  • frisk
  • undyne
  • alphys
  • flowey
  • asriel
  • troll
  • wait, troll?
  • aaahhh!!!!!!!!


im gonna make a logo for the most voted character, so stay tuned!


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No Papyrus? Nuuuuu


HEY! Put Toriel on there!!!!


There isn't Temmie??? Or the Annoying Dog???


Mine is definitely Sans! I have a lot of the same traits as him! :D


Where da Tem? XD

I'm going to code some characters.
But later.


Where's sans or Mettaton? D:
Also, I voted undyne because she's SUPER COOL!!!


I'm sorry for some reason it's not letting me add more characters!


I'm such a deeeeerrrrrrrppppppppp


How is this related to Hopscotch?



But it's old!