Who is your favorite artist? I like @XiaoMiaoMi!



My favorite artist is @XiaoMiaoMi. She makes the best drawings! Her drawings are super cute and different then many others! I just adore her work! If you have a favorite artist please tell me! There are new artists everyday!


I like the drawers that hold my clothes. Before @LotsaPizza makes the best joke, which she may, you should change drawer to artist. :wink:


I like @OrangeScent1 and @LotsaPizza and imeow but I really like all drawers


Probably choco-la-ta-ta-ta-ta~. She is an amazing realistic artist


I think @LazyLizard is the best artist


I think I am the best artist.
Nah. Just kidding. GinjaNinja0w0 is really good. You should check her out!


my fave artist is @Dude73!


Food. (Or whatever her new name is! :D)

I also like @LotsaPizza, @OrangeScent1, TigerLily, and more! (And myself, of course. I love to compliment my modesty)
Here's my art.

And that is just a bit! :D!

Look on the drawing topic, it's hard to miss, the replies are coming in super quickly, and enjoy and share some art!

Edit: I also like @smishsmash (Crazy_cake on Hopscotch, go follow her), MR*Artist (who injured her wrist) and her sister Windy*Artist! Also choco-la-ta-ta and ChocoBear/@JaszyKake


Thanks for mentioning me! @LazyLizard!


Wait? Really? My Hopscotch art is terrible!

It lags and glitches nonstop, but it's awesome you appreciate it!


It's the truth! You are awesome!

And I also like @XiaoMiaoMi, @Gilbert189, @a10, @PopTart0219, @Kiwicute2016, and more!


I'm OK at hopscotch art but I'm way better on paper :wink:


Your good! I like it!


You should post some on the drawing topic!


Thanks! Those drawings took hours! It's my best. My worst can be found on hopscotch. (It's not too hard to miss! :D)


Yeah, I know, I should, maybe I will :wink:


I can't just get all of them into one post!!

@SmilingSnowflakes, @Pingu, GigglingJellybean, LittleDragonite, and Kluni!


Thank you! :D


My worst can be found lost.


Oh yeah, I also think @SmilingSnowflakes and @Pingu are great too!