Who is this mod?


um who is @Ana and why are they a mod


THT was looking for a new moderator for the forum bc no one was following the rules. They got the job


Are they a forumer?

(Gosh, I hope so)


What do you mean? How can the moderate the forum else?


Nice English

Btw I mean was the moderator a regular forumer before they got that account


No,but it says they joined in july.


Are you sure they aren’t one of us?


No,i’m not. But it looks like they saw the job application by THT


Great. So they don’t know what this forum needs to survive.


They probably got a few pointers from THT, it’s not like they’d just promote them without giving them any advice




Yeah, but not even THT knows exactly what this community needs to not die out

Only the people who are familiar with it and have ahem been here for at least a year or two


Mm true

Aariv here hasn’t been on the forum for even half a year :pensive:


Most of them will say “ spam the forum with useless topics”


Lol no one thinks that
Please tell me which forumers think that
Ms.rex and I have been on here for more than a year, while you’ve been here for, what, three months? At least listen to what we’re saying?


No, most would say “occASIONALLY HAVE FUN”


Gobli I will hurt you

Edit: AHAHAHAHAAHAHAH! You guys are hilarious! Acting like you don’t know what a joke is, bravo!


this mod is hurting my brother’s stuffed giraffe’s leg






I happen to have my sawfish right behind me