Who is the most popular hopscotcher?



Hi guys who is the most popular hopscotcher ever? Choose out of

  1. MagmaPOP
  2. SmilingSnowflakes
  3. Smilingalyssa
  4. Creations of noob
  5. PhantomReporter

Thx 73trickychimp

Sorry to everyone in hopscotch
Sorry for my Topic!
Sorry to everyone in hopscotch

This is not needed and is very offensive to almost every single Hopscotcher.




Sorry, but this would be offensive to someone. Then there could be bragging, people leaving because of hurt feelings, and more.

unlisted #5


Thanks for including me, but some people can be sad that they aren't on the list. Besides, popularity doesn't matter! Hopscitch is for coding! :smile: