Who is the most active user?


This week, @KVJ has been the most active. Today, the day I'm writing this, @kvj has also been the most active user!

I love looking at the user page and seeing everyone's stats and stuff. So share stuff here about the users page, like who is the most active today, for the current week, or overall.

If there is a topic about this already, tell me!


There is not, and I like this topic!
Very interesting stuff...


Thanks! I find the user page interesting to!


@SmilingSnowflakes is the overall most active user.


Woah, I've read 36.2K.
I didn't even notice before.



Some people have received like 40,000 likes and I have received like 2000 lol


This is cool. Awesome topic!


KVJ passed me and pretty much only has given more likes and posted more than me... I don't really get the all time tab.


where do you find that page @bluedogmc-official


Click the three lines by the search bar, then click users on the menu


oh ok thanks​:grinning::grinning: @bluedogmc-official


I have received...




Blame @tankt2016, @Candycane and @happy12345678910 for the likes :joy:

Usually it's between @Maltese and I :sunglasses:




I'm too active XD

It's usually @KVJ, though. XD



I have received the most likes today, this week, this month and this quarter?! Yay YIPEE Google and hallelujah!


Yeah it's mainly us and @Bananadog :wink:


How did you find that out?


@Malie, just do these steps and look at the charts.


Lol answer to the title is arguably me :sunglasses: