Who is the fan account?


Ok, I recently saw a number one fan account for me. But they said that they made a project for a shoutout and they said that it was made by a person on the forums. Thank you to whoever is this person!

I have a big guess, is it @Huggingfluffybear.


I think I might know. :sweat_smile:


I know who!
(quote to find out)


I knew it!
fist pump


Thank you for not ruining the fun!


I know! I have one too! I'm suspicious...The first fan was @EnchantedAnimallover, but I don't know who he/she is! The person hopscotching since April 2016 is the person.


I still don't know who it is...


Lol i totally fell for it :joy:

I made a couple fan accounts, not to be nice, but I really am their biggest fan! Yet nobody has figured me out! :stuck_out_tongue: This time it wasn't me, but I know who!


Who? I wanna find out!


Meh lips are seeled :zipper_mouth:


Thank you, I get I notifacations for this topic. SO NO TELLING!


I know! You though I would tell you...