Who is system!?!?


I'm wondering, who IS @system!? @Liza @PopTart0219 @Kiwicute2016 @Follow4LikesOfficial @BuildASnowman


@System is a robot who is very mean but cute and it closes topics


@system is a robot (not a real person), that closes topics if they have been flagged a lot. :D



It's a robot, a computer that is badly programmed, and very ill behaved :frowning:


It's a script of code that closes topic if there are enough flags.


Topic! lol felling spell correcty


@AHappyCoder now THAT explains it all.


Wait, what do you all mean by mean and ill-behaved, does it reply to posts!?!?


No bot is a robot that only closes things if it has flags it doesn't talk he is just like a spam filter


Ill-behaved as in starts bot wars and closes topics.


@System is the robot that was created during the second ice age and helped NASA build the first ever space ship... (Kidding)




its still open


No, it got opened again, then closed, then opened!


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@tankt2016 No, @Kiwicute2016 closed it, I think. Because it said "This topic was closed because @Kiwicute2016 read this."


I saw, but then she opened it again. And why are we talking about this when all that matters is that it's open and it is?


because i wanted to say what i thought