Who is ShaggyRay?


hmm, try SereneCygnet?




Serene–anything? Is it just gone?




Nindroid is right.

You guys, if you want to know your UserID, just click the gear in the top right corner of you profile, then click ‘Help’. After that, ‘About’ should show. Click on that.


hmm, try all the two-s-word ones and look for NaturalArt/goodbye post/that ugly chibi style. I know there were a lot of impersonators

EDIT: also, if you find impersonators, send screenshots!! I’m curious and want to laugh




Interesting. May you explain what a user ID is?


It’s a thing used to identify users.


So Hopscotch has an API? It must be for internal use. The forum has an API too with some public endpoints. It is managed by Discourse.


It is Discourse XD
I needed to correct that sorry

EDIT: You corrected it


Easy to confuse! Thanks for spotting that error. It´s corrected :smile:


I always spot errors. Useful for coding. Although it is more difficult than spotting a typing error :slight_smile:


Yeah, being able to spot errors are good. “Discource” and “Discourse” is pretty hard to spot though.


thank you so much!!!