Who is ShaggyRay?




What, feathery hats? Be careful with allergies XDXD


It is not cowardly, is that you don’t have any Hopscotch project that he thought you were long gone.
(And I somewhat remember you… or at least your Hopscotch name)


What do you mean by “check the about”? Can you check my ID? My name is William04GamerA (the same as here on the forum). Also, did you know that @System’s user ID on the forum was -1? I found that out yesterday.


Who said that?

EDIT: Never mind.


What is the “about”? :\

EDIT: In the app there is no “about”, so I’m confused.


Yeah, that´s the question that I have too.


I believe 26099. You can confirm this by going to c.gethopscotch.com/api/v2/users/26099

No. I don’t know how it’s decided, but it’s not like that.

Two of the,. Od one is 276250. (Don trump have gone)

Couldn’t find it.

Wow so many people are asking me for their user id? Yu can find it in about.

Feathery hats are the new fashion trend.

In your profile, Tap the gear,then about.



Can you check my ID

my hs account is the_dancer




You should just change your “Obey me Puny Mortals” to “I can give you your account ID on hopscotch”


Guys, take it easy on Nindroid. If you have Hopscotch you can see your ID. Just click settings> help> about.


Ahhhhhhh… Opps XDXD


ONLY??? What… Somewhat “bad”… Welp, it’s good compared to others


It’s not? It seems like it is.


I think it is by the order. I am a very old hopscotcher and I have a low number compared to others.
Shaggy’s account was in June, which is really weird.
Bc Hopscotch’s big update was in 30 of July 2014.


Same here!


Lol. Same time. What a coincidence.


True XD


No, because my older account has a higher number than my newer one.

Mine was created in June 6th 2014 and has a higher number than one from March 2015.