Who is ShaggyRay?


ShaggyRay is a user who’s user Id is 1.

Who is this mysterious man?


Do you mean he was the first Hopscotcher?


I think it might be an old tht account maybe.

Their one from when I was new (scaryDrum) is 4.

And 2-3 are adjective noun.


Well that’s how the auto names in Hopscotch work.


Okay, 5 I should also adjective noun, but six is mr.canoe.

Okay, seven is gupstar, so maybe they are all changed names from here,

Edit 2: eight is name generator


Okay. But don’t they usually post projects on their accounts?


Idk, I’m not looking at the accounts.

Nine doesn’t exist




A lot of things from nine to something don’t exist.

I wonder what my original one is. I know my current one is 670723

I’ll check


How’s do you find what number you are?


If you can log in, use the about.

I can’t log in to my old account (97077) so I had to use a different method,

The fact that the id is higher for and older account means that they aren’t based on time. I wonder how your user id is determined.


I wonder what ID my first account was


Your current one is 3449889. What’s your original username?



I was really cringy




1 million?

Im surprised, i thought the number was going to be less


what is mine? I’m Snoopy ( :art: )


I didn’t know there were numbers attached to accounts. Is this like the order in which others got the app?


psst hey Nindroid

can you look at the IDs for WhisperLeaf (old one) and Serenity for me (both of them have [gone], I think)? I can’t access Hopscotch and I’m curious.
I’ll be sure to add a shipment of feathery hats as payment


I am curious. What is my ID?
(My Hopscotch account is LunaMorgana387 :crescent_moon::tm:)

(And how can you see it? Amazing)