Who is NatureGodess SENPAI? And why is she leaving!


U may know me as that guy Kai's sis my account forever and my other account is called Anime but I forgot my password can anybody answer my question I'm worried about her!!


Idk :grimacing:

Welcome to the forum btw! Tag me anytime you want help by typing "@KVJ"!


Thx for welcoming me sooo did she disappear on the forum or anything I'm really really worried we have been friends for a long time.....


No prob and I'm not sure...
@NatureGodess isn't a forummer?


Whoops by that I meant KatieNatureGodess I dunno her user but oh well.....anyways is hopscotch getting crazier I know my brother is getting crazier about memes and stuff as usual​:rolling_eyes::sweat_smile:


Who's your brother?

And I'm crazy too! :smiling_imp:


@KatieNGoddess you mean?


Lol it's in my user that guy Kai he is this guy trying to act funny he is out of it he doesn't really have a mustache MUHAHAHAHAHAHAH he has big hair..,as usual he barely has a mustache and doesn't have a beard lol I embarrassed him (; I have to go now for a hour ttyl


:upside_down::upside_down::upside_down::upside_down::upside_down::upside_down::upside_down::upside_down::upside_down::upside_down:that WAT I meant


Welcolm to da Forum!
I'm da sweg @StarryDream:sunglasses:


Hai wassup what hopscotcher r u? (:


Btw it's 9/11 today and there is already stuff happening in NY I'm worried for them I don't live in NY I'm scared to go out of the house .-.


Btw on your first day you'll have limited replies so use them carefully :wink:


:flushed: ok I'll start a new topic then


No need to do that! Just be careful and aware :wink:



le gasp