Who is my Coding Partner

Ever since I started coding on Hopscotch I have been a little lonely so now I want to have a coding partner. Does anyone want to be my partner?


  1. Friendly

  2. Play on Hopscotch at least once a week

That's it

Reply below if so!


I will if you can make an account.

I really want one so plz reply there

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I want to be your coding partener and I can make an account!

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I also need a partner

why doesn't anyone wanna do it with me...


I saw your form but sorry i have a very slow iPad 2..


Actually, 2s are used at my school and aren't so bad there... my school blocks the forum


But mine is quite old and it Doesn't have iOS 10 and keeps hanging



Sure it would be great!

Hopscotch Name: SapphireCrafty

@ Name: @SapphireCrafty

Trust Level: Basic

How many times a week I'm on: Every Day

Device: iPad Pro 9.7 inch (Fastest their is)

I want to do: Coding Games, Coding Art, Make Drawing Pads, etc etc etc

I am the great coding partner for all

k... but one thing. Make sure to visit 8 more days, push that :heart:️ button under at least 1 post, and reply to more topics so you get member

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That is my resimae

Sure I will do that.

Reply to more topics also.

All you need 2 do left is reply on more topics :D