Who is logging in my account?


Laugh attack


Look at some of the posts above.


Why can’t you just email THT? That’s what I do when I have a problem.


I did


How many times?


Maybe they have several emails to check or they are busy


Did anyone tag THT in this topic yet?


@ana @liza aariv is having a hacking problem, he’s left Hopscotch but maybe he will enlighten us all with his presence if his art hacker goes away


I don’t think changing your password logs out everyone in your account, so if your art hacker didn’t log out…


WOW Aariv


@hopscotch-curators can you help @Aariv with situation, he has a problem with a hack r


Could you try changing your password?


Unless you are smart and say both.


I think they may have tried it. Thank you for responding to this though!