Who is logging in my account?



Definition, please XD


Nindroid was oribi right?


Indeed, he was
That is the definition?


Aariv is pretending that he’s getting hacked or something cause what I’ve been told was Nindroid faked his own hacking


Another possibility. Yet an art-hater publishing art? It makes me laugh

Yup, same with other people too


Yeah, ill just call that pulling a Nindroid


Also he doesn’t hate art, he just doesn’t like art on hs


New term to the Hopscotch dictionary XD



Pulling a Nindroid (n)- To fake your own hacking.

Aariv pulled a Nindroid to get some drama started.


Or is this a verb?


It is an action


I’m not faking it, guys. I actually ha,te art on HS.


First of all I believe you aariv and also I do art and coding I say a bit of both is fine as long we all try to code a bit


Click on the grey boxes

IThink it is a good That Aariv loves art

Aariv Loves art


I ha,te art on HS. I’m not publishing the art projects.


Then, simple answer

  1. Change your password
  2. Email THT

You should have done it already


I have done that multiple times


Then it isn’t talking effect
Something is wrong


Have you tried during the basic things, such as changing your password?

Someone else has probably asked this question, I just didn’t really want to read through 78 posts talking about someone lying.


have you tried putting your device in rice???