Who is logging in my account?


He want socks
Get him socks


I would say “why do you think so?” rather than “it’s not me” because anyone can say “it’s not me” and still be your hacker


But I am not doing it! I liked the projects because I didn’t know someone was logging into your account!



Iknow right his grammar is awesome


I trust STVH, and I think she isn’t.
Why Hopscotcher? It is silly
Petrichor, thanks for deleting your posts. Really helps.

Then… you will be hated still, your fault



Yeah XD
It is true though


I still think its Aariv cause their art isn’t too bad


The art-hater, publishing art?
It could be


I just caught another aariv drawing



IDK who it could be
Who is in the AHA?


It could be Golobigi


No, she is in the EHA. The opposite


What did the AHA stand for again?


The EHA is replacing the “anti” for “edgy” (somewhat obvious)
Founded by Aariv, ironically


I broke into aariv’s account once but now we’re bffs, why would I break into his account again


Lol im talking to his “art hacker”


Is he gonna pull a Nindroid or something with this art hacker