Who is logging in my account?


Someone’s logging in my account and publishing drawing projects. And they don’t stop. Please help me.
@Ana @Rodrigo


I was going to say you are but idk the whole story,

Share screenshot?



I believe they were both arriv


I screenshotted them to use against aariv the next time he said he was against art


are you sure it’s not you? we all know that you secretly love it when artists post art on hopscotch.


It is not me! I won’t post art!


are you sureeeee?


I am sure!




@Aariv doesn’t post art, he’s a big coding fanatic, I don’t believe he’s doing this…


I can squeeze them out


Don’t worry, I can just ruin the experience for everyone once more!


oK thEn


Okay, who can hack here?
Who likes to prank people?
Who has been into your account before, if anyone?


it’s sad how I can say yes to all of those questions


Change your password immediately and email THT.



Ejem Gobliiiiii
Weren’t you in the AHA too???


I wasn’t


Oh, okay…


This was during the peak of Aariv’s “art and RPs SUCK!” phase and I tried to hack his account and I put in a draft from “Liza” saying that she was proud of him