Who is Leaving?


Ok, so I start getting inactive on the forum and what? Which mods/leaders are leaving?


I know @Gilbert189 left




Gilbert,BAS,PT and Kiwi are leaving... I might too






Please don't ;(

We need all the help to keep the forum together and safe from trolls and such without the mods ;(


Tons of people, tons
I have no idea what to do to make the Forum a better place.
Try my best, I guess



@Razor you changed your profile pic too…
…I guess that I'm the only person with a happy girl profile pic


You and @Intellection74
Are the ones I know of that still keep your faith and happiness

Nothing wrong with that..
But I can't do it ;(


I am just being me IRL​:sweat_smile:
I have faith in Hopscotch Forum
I do, actually


*cough* XD

@Malie there are a few topics to read if you wanna catch up, the first post is usually all you need to know (but imo it's worth reading through the whole "Changes to leadership in the forum")


Look, I have control in my emotions, but not in other people​:cry:
I do sound sad, it's just…
< quiet sigh >


All I am is a troll
So you should keep the forum safe from me


** gives water **:stuck_out_tongue:


If your a troll why do you have regular?

You know what..

Just don't answer..

I don't want to hear something insulting to yourself


I am sometimes troll-ish
I have anger issues


I am not.


It just feels sad!

Doesn't it

Or is that me