Who is GloriousCloroxCleaning?


I've been looking around on newest to see if I find any cool projects when...

There is someone pretending to be me:

iSeeU시유 as GloriousCloroxCleaning

I was like what?
I'm not really famous or anything?

And I'm guessing they're trying to draw like me or something...
Pah-lease That's my very ugly scribble style, so they don't ANYTHING about me.



They. Said. Lelsies.


That is my catchphrase other than "Stay Kawaii" after every essay I write.

I was like, NO.

I couldn't handle it, but I couldn't do ANYTHING about it, the person would keep faking.

I NEED to find out who did this.

Please help?!

Me no like fakers.


Maybe ask them to stop, and if it continues to happen and they ignore your request, email the hopscotch team?

Try to take it as a compliment. :D


Good idea!
Maybe. Take. As. Compliment. Like. You. Said...
That's is a positive way of looking at it!



How about you post on your account a remix of one of her projects, and say 'The person who I remixed this from is not me. Don't believe them.'

Then everyone will know! Ask them to stop, then report their projects, and email THT if they don't stop.


Ask them to stop.

If it gets really bad email THT!

Also, it's a compliment someone wanted to be you! It means they really like you (your account)! :3
I understand you don't like it, I wouldn't either, but try taking it as a compliment as @SmilingSnowflakes said! :D


I'm late to everything –____–


Well unless they try to purposely draw horribly but they aren't so :smiley:


Wat I'm 7 days late...


Oi me gusta

Maybe that person is on the forum? Unless if you use that a lot in ze app