Who is "A Hopscotcher"?



I'm confused... when I looked into Hopscotch I got this:

You see that user "A Hopscotcher", right? I tried clicking it but it didn't work, so I searched that guy up and I think he/she didn't exist? Is this just a mysterious account or someone anoynmous? (IDK how to spell the last word)


A Hopscotchers is a user in a phone. The dont have a profile, and haven't gotten the updated version of iphone hopscotch, which allows you a profile.


So close but so far XD

It's "anonymous."


Thank you both! :smiley:



Yup, it's a person on an iPhone..but it's strange, because iPhone accounts were introduced.


They probably don't have the newest update.


That's true, but that update was like a LONG time ago... :sweat_smile:


A.....million....years...ago....(throws on a gray wig and leans on a stick)


It is an un unupdated iPhone user. So they can't code.


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A random iPhone user :iphone: