Who in the world follows me?



I just want to know who follows me in Hopscotch. My HS user: Razor64

  • Lol your so ugly why should I follow you
  • I follow you!!!
  • I don't follow you
  • Potatoe (please don't choose this one)


Also please what you chose :PP

Rip tag list

I got a old version stored in my notes and used it and some people complained so rip tag list


I chose that I follow you! (I just did)


:expressionless: 3 people voted potato...


I'm pretty sure I only voted Potatoe :smiley:


It changed, people changed their votes...




Sorry, I'm not in the friendly mass tag list anymore! But I still voted...


i will follow u ! @Razor


Whoops sorry I forgot to get the updated one :stuck_out_tongue:


Go to the updated one, then copy and paste that one! :smile:

Listening to ASGORE Extended right now :D