Who I like and and why I like them



Hello everyone! So, since Valentine's Day is coming up I wanted to show everyone how much I love everyone! I just want everyone to know that they are my friend and I care about them so much. Even if I'm not to important in the community. If I don't have your name on this list, I am terribly sorry! I can only find so many names​:sweat_smile:. I still love you!

@SmilingSnowflakes (Ahh!!! Hopscotch bestie! (In my opinion!) she is the most amazing coder ever! I love her! Her models are superb!!:D)
@Gilbert189 (How could you not love his art...!! It's simply amazing!! I love you!)
@OrangeScent1 (Wow! You have come such a long way! Amazing art and coder! I love you!)
@PopTart0219 (You have been so nice to me! I appreciate it so much every time you comment/like my posts it makes me so happy! I love you!)
@CreativeCoder (Ahh! So creative! I haven't quite seen you that often but I love you!!)
@Rawrbear (Woah, awesome projects on Hopscotch! I love you!)
@AvocadoDont ( I love your art! You are super inspiring! I love you!)
@AHappyCoder ( I just love you, you are super sweet towards me, I appreciate it! I love you!)
@seawolfwerehorse (Super nice part of the community, I love how kind you are! I love you!)
@Ihasfluffycupcakes (Face it.. You rock that profile picture!! (And username!) I love you!)
@Phase_Admin (You are awesome!! Thank you for taking good care of the community! I love you!)
@Kiwicute2016 ( You are awesome! Also thank you so much for being an admin and helping out! I love you!)
@LotsaPizza ( I. Love. Your. Art.!! I swear! You are so awesome I wish I knew you in real life! I love you!)
@TappymLP (Awesome Hopscotch projects and I appreciate you liking my projects it means so much! I love you!)
@UptownStudios ( No one can make better music than you! I love you!)
@Stampys_fans ( I love how supportive you are to the community!)
@DancingLollipop (Thank you so much for taking care of the community! You mean a lot to me! I love you!)
@RubyWolf1 (You are such an inspiration to me! I love you!)
@PercyJackson9 ( Super sweet and kind! I love you!)
@Follow4LikesOfficial (I think your projects are awesome! I love you!)
@SoBit (Thank you for being a nice friend! I love you!)
@a10(Awesome projects and a great part of the community!)
@SnowGirl_Studios (I like your art and super cool! I love you!)
@XiaoMiaoMi (I love your art! I love you!)
@Valgo (Awesome projects! I love you!)
@BuildASnowman (Thank you for being a moderator and keeping everything peaceful! I love you!)
@Liza (Thank you for helping the community and helping me I appreciate it very much, I love you!)

I just wanna take everyone out to breakfast it would be awesome ;3


Thank you! A :heart: for you! You are such a kind person! It means a lot to me.


Wow this is so nice to other people! I love it.


Aw thanks I am freaking out, so happy


XD Thanks for tagging meh, even though nothing is next to meh name ;-;

Don't worry, tho, I'm not upset about it :blush:


Just because you're no on every single list doesn't mean you have to complain.


@BlueOrangeFangio (You are awesome and such a kind, amazing person! I love you!)


Awesome list! Happy Valentine's Day!


this is awesome @VanillaOwl! its so sweet and it will totally make everyones day. This is so kind! i love it! i really wish i could like... but i have to wait 1 hour. as soon as i get my likes back this is the first thing im liking! This is so nice! You always come up with the most creative things ever! Your so sweet and nice! Your an amazing help to this community and its hard to imagine hopscotch without you.

Its so amazing! I feel so happy that im on this list! You have made my day. Thank you so much! You are so kind and sweet!


@BlueOrangeFangio, I don't really know you but your cat is adorable.


@VanillaOwl I think you switched me and @Follow4LikesOfficial


Aww thank you! This is really sweet! Happy Valentines Day!


Oh... Thanks! :blush:


Oh oops! I stayed up very late trying to get this done, I still love you though!


Thank you SOOO much
I bet this took a long time to make!


She's sleeping with me RIGHT at this second!


No staying up till 2 Am trying to finish this is a lot of work! :,)


A :heart: For you! Thanks!


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Thanks for including me in it, you made my day!