Who here likes Hamilton?



I was wondering if anyone on HS likes Hamilton, because I do, and was wondering if anyone would like to do a Hamilton themed collab? Just write a little paragraph with ideas, geeky Hamilton references and some facts on coding experience! I can't wait!


Is this referring to Alexander Hamilton?


No, it's a movie/play! :D

I should see it. :P


I mean the musical Hamilton by Lin Manuel Miranda who is sunshine in human form, which is about Alexander Hamilton, who has a million things he hasn't done. Apologies for the Hamilton reference there :slight_smile:


I feel old now :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. I need to go look this up.


Look it up, then listen to the soundtrack! Prepare for your life to change!


I'll do it tomorrow. I'm suppose to be :sleeping:



Anyone want to join my collab? @Sparkczy? I heard that you like Hamilton! Wanna collab? Anyone! Please! For this to succeed there is someone else we need, IK! Hamilton.... That's how I'm feeling right now.... That and sorta "Are these the men with which I am to defend America.... Or do this collab (man/woman)"


I love Hamilton!
Hamilton is awesome.


I love Hamilton it's so Good!

I even came up with something to be silly in guns and ships

And guns and ships and some potato chips.



I think @LGBT.Coder, @PeggySchuyler, @EsteemedTrout, and @Sparkczy do…But anyway, don't say I like it because I haven't even seen the play…The play also had a big effect on the USA—Alexander Hamilton is staying on that dollar just because of a play! They were going to replace him with a woman…


Now they're putting a woman on the twenty, not the ten. Alexander Hamilton deserves to be on money, as does a woman.


I LOVE HAMILTON!!!!!!!! Lin-Manuel Miranda is amazingly talented and funny and cool and Hamiltony and cool and stuff. Okay I think I need to TAKE A BREAK from all those adjectives. I don't know if the WORLD IS WIDE ENOUGH for someone else as cool as him. I'll stop with the references now...


The (other) girls in my school are obbsessed with Hamilton (the president, not the movie) and say he's the hottest president.


Is the movie good?


The show is in Broadway, it's SO hard to find on the Internet because Lin doesn't want it to be uploaded anywhere!! I've seen bits and it's amazing!!


You know, there's a scene cut from the soundtrack about Laurens' de.ath


nuuu the Hamilton gif didn't work


My friend loves Hamilton! She's always singing songs from it XD


I love hamilton soooo much I litrally sing it every day!! My fav songs are alexander hamilton, aaron burr and Schuyler sisters!