Who have Minecrafters Amino?


I there (again).
I want some HS people to join Minecrafers Amino! It for MC people only (there others too.)

If you are an user there, let me know!



It has to be related to the hopscotch game...


P.S. What is Minecraft Animo?


1) I am sorry... Once we are done here, I will delete it...
2) Amino is an Social app for fans! (Like Minecraft, Basket ball, games etc.) It for Apple and Android (Just search "Minecrafters Amino" and it will pop up there!) For iPad, you may need to go to the iPhone page on the App Store.


I don't see how this is related to Hopscotch? You could make game involving this on Hopscotch.


I told @Stick88 that I would delete it soon as possable... (Sorry for spelling)


I have a minecraft account I will ez gg ten rek u lol XD


This isn't Hopscotch-related. Maybe make it into a Collab?


I'm sorry, but I don't think that you can delete topics. You don't need to delete it though, because then new people to the forum could see it.