Who has subscribed for the new update?


I'm wondering who has subscribed for the new update yet.
If you could note what you like/don't like about the subscription, that would be awesome. Also if you have pictures, I think we'd like to see them.
I am deciding whether or not I will subscribe, and if it's really worth it, so what you put here will help me decide :wink:

Sorry if there is a topic already like this, I couldn't find one for the new update yet.


I subscribed to the update! :D
And I like it :)


Do you like it???
k awesome


I got the free week trial, and it's amazing!


I'm just thinking of all the stuff you could do that looks realistic
Angry Birds
Pokemon Go

And then you can design your own backgrounds with something like Paper...
I want it but I don't know if I will have the money


What where do you get this free trial :01010


Maybe I will ask my grandparents if they could help me cover the cost. They are really supportive when I do this kind of stuff


If you've beta tested before, you get two emails.
One, like the one you got, and the other one has a link which leads you to a website where you can submit your username and get a free trial. :slight_smile: If you got it, you should definitely try it out!


How do u get the free week trial?


So if you are not a Beta tester you can't get the trial?


Nope, sorry. :sweat_smile:
I would give you the link, but then it would be unfair.


I understand :wink:

@Madi_Hopscotch_ just liked my topic
Thank you so much


I explained above. :slight_smile:


I wish that in the free version you could access the old avatars again...
@Jedi4Jesus wants ROBO!

Is there any way to add a character that doesn't exist anymore onto your profile (e.g. email Hopscotch Team)


I think you should get it! I might be getting it too. Think of all the cool things you can make with ANY picture you want! If you are a beta tester you should try the free trial.


Not a Beta tester sadly....

I have enough money to buy it but that money is being saved for other things. That means I can't make a one-time purchase. So that means I would have to scrounge up $8 each month (which is like a third of what I earn monthly). If I asked my parents they would most likely say no, unless I come up with an amazing speech about how it would improve coding on Hopscotch for me, and they think that Hopscotch is a videogame like Minecraft (they thought I was a bit crazy when I payed $5 for a Mineplex rank). They don't truly appreciate the work everyone goes through on there to make a game.

I will get that subscription though


not Today



i subscribed.
endless possibilites!


How did u become a beta tester?

I wish they had an option for anyone else who wanted a one week free trial. I want the subscription but I really don't wanna buy it and then not enjoy it. I wanna have a free trial and then decide if I should buy it or not


Unfortunately, no. I emailed them, and if you already changed it, you can't get your previous character pic back.


I'm fine with the one I have, but for @Jedi4Jesus ...I got that account after they removed the old characters. I would just like @Jedi4Jesus to be Robo, but if not...I'll survive