Who has liked you the most? now (@Lisa1045 is in the lead!) (@Candycane is the queen of likes) KVJ is nice! TDWasHere



I want to know who has liked you the most?
And there is nothing like this!
@mobcraft has liked me the most!
Like this

Who have u liked the most
The Most Liked By

Dude73 has like me the most. Thanks Dude73!!!


For me it is @Rawrbear.


You can go to a person's profile to check


StarryDream for me!


@SmilingSnowflakes by a landslide.

She beat the next person (@RenegadeBird1) by 129 likes....


@JaggedJeans, with 89 likes ;-;
I need moar likes ;-;


@Maltese wins by about 25 likes :0

@RubyStars is in second :D




@KVJ, with 678 likes! He beat the next person(@BB-Box) by 458 likes!




@MobCraft liked me the most too. :smile:

Thanks Mobcraft!!!!!!:grinning:


Congrats @Phase_Admin! Lol 1399


@RubyStars has given me an unnatural number of likes XD


I liek lieking. XD


OMG 1399 likes wowowwowow


Why does it say different or less number of likes here???


Please SBYP. There's already atopic liek this!


ButterBark, Malie and AvacadoDont


@GysvANDRegulus has liked me the most!
(not surprising, she likes every one of my posts. Does she have my posts on Watching?? XD)