Who follows who? Find out who follows each other!



Hello! Today I made another topic to help clear up the forums!
In the last few days I saw many topics asking who follows them...
To clear that, there are many rows below.

So you want to ask?

Put you username in a new row in bold text (** **)

You want to put you name on the list?

Just put your tag (like @Stick88) in the row of the person.

- @tankt2016
- @CosineStudios

- @ConnellCoder


Please know that you can make more bullets and rows _ @Stick88
Please stop doing these, it is clogging up the forums... new comers will still do this...

Mass tag list of happiness!



It doesn't matter who follows who. Everyone has support


Tell the other topics that :laughing: Some people want to know...


Yeah but I'm here to have fun and stuff