Who follows me on hopscotch


Hi, my name used to be Diamond Sword Steve, but now it is TheObsidianBlade, and I was wondering who follows me. Please reply if you follow me.


I might follow you, and if I do not, I will follow you when I get back on my iPad!


I don't think that you follow me, but thank you so much. I really like all your projects! Off topic: I saw someone post a project on hopscotch saying mean things about you, and I reported it!


The project was by SmileyAlyssaHater.


I have a hater? What did they say? oh well! BOT!


I don't think you should be able to be on hopscotch if some one says in there hopscotch profile name that they hate someone! It just not nice at all!


ok. Thanks for notifying me! Anyways, 5 more minutes until I get back on my iPad so I can follow you!


Also they said that you were a narcissist, which means you only care about yourself, and that you were "Girlifieing" hopscotch! It was really mean.


Girlifieing? I try my best not to do that. But I am a female. And we should get on topic now! :grimacing:


Yup! :flushed: But I don't think that you are Girlifieng Hopscotch! Your female and that is fine!


I follow you and spam liked you :D


I follow you! I didn't know you followed me!


Oh gosh... I'm almost certain I know who that person is! I just saw their profile. Also, I am about to follow you!


I follow you!


I used to follow that hater because they changed their name. BOT


I am following you!


Awesome! Thank you and also I made you a logo just now! BOT


I just made you a logo right now!


Cool! I'll check it out soon!


A Happy Coder Æ literally just followed me moments after SmileyAlyssa did! That is so cool! I am having all of these great hopscotcher that have been on featured so many times following me! I only MagmaPop started following me!