Who else is against bullyin.g?


All credit to @StarryDream for inspiring me

Hello hopscotchers. Today ive realized many people at my school were being bullied. Much more than any other day. So i just thought because I am a real witness, I should actually create my own topic. Starry might actually be a witness but I am not completely sure. We cannot change the world, but we can try. Together we make a difference! Who else is against bullyin.g? It is a problem, especially in america. What is the point of bullyin.g? I really dont get it. Whats so good about making fun of someone to make you feel better about yourself? 78% of criminals were bullied every day at school. If you are bullied, dont do anything about it. Tell the teacher, if he calls you a snitch or it gets worse, tell the principal. If that doesnt work either, you should start saying you will use violence if he/she doesnt do something about it. You warned the principal. You cant get a detention unless you go to a really bad school. If THAT doesnt work. It might be time to get violent. But be carful. Not to violent or you could get arrested. Anyways, If youve witnessed bullyin.g, dont hide it. Stick up for them and tell the teacher as well. This doesnt only happen in school however. If it happens somewhere else, tell a trusted adult or their parents. If this happens on the internet, the most common, get an adult. Do NOT respond. To sum this topic up, heres a quote:

And now for the QOTD!

Have you every been bullied (Irl as well)

  • Yes - Physically

  • Yes - Cyberly

  • Yes - emotionally

  • No

  • No but a witness.


Also if youd like reply if you did anything or not! Anyways guys bye!
if you want to be part of the anti bullyin.g club, just ask in the replies.

Anti Bullyin.g Club


Bullied people/ Witnesses


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i've been bullied cyberly by these people:


Can you add an "all" option to that? I've been bullied emotionally, cyberbullied, and physically bullied.


Hanna is a forum hipster which is a roblox study of people being rude and never serious. On purposely spells wrong and we dont understand the reason.


Ono! Ill add you to the list though.


here's some message archives (from 2013, very cringy)


well, those are some messages, but she hurt my feelings back then lel


Like i said, forum hipster.


she wasn't one in 2013 ¯_(ツ)_/¯


tbh i used to have a crush on gumball from the amazing world of gumball back then so cringy also lol


  2. Can you make it a multi choice poll? I was bullied physically, emotionally, and cyberly, and I was a witness.


This is great but you may as well just join @StarryDream's club, you'll still be standing up to bullying but there'll be one BIG club instead of 2 clubs!


This is a lot worse than I thought.


The time limit for poll editing should be removed. @Liza


Well, I'm not bullied that much cyberly.


Its might be a rant on trying to get the good roblox back.



Can I be apart of the anti bullyin.g club?


This is a bit of a duplicated topik, like what @JojoDude said