Who do you think should be Leader?


Who do you think should be Leader? :D
Just a question!
Here are people that should be Leader:
They are kind, helpful and nice on the forum!
Also, describe why they should be leader!


@Maltese and @PixelMaster64



@Maltese should be Mod!


Please SBYP I made a topic called "nominations for leader"

And it's this.


But that is for fun, as I read. :D


This is a duplicate topic! You should recycle! Also, is this @tankt2016? Hi whoever it is!


This is a duplicate topic. Would you like to recycle or have it merged and closed?


@BlueStarGirl Should Be
:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:


I don't want this topic to be closed.


Same. (´Д` )


@MiracleShoutouts you should be Leader! So should @Huggingfluffybear and @Rawrbear. We can call them Le Bears!:wink:


I Would Make A Great Leader (^ω^)


I think you would if you believe in yourself!:smile:
Also, I think this topic really shouldn't be closed but it might. I hope that won't happen!:worried:


But It Would Be A Big Responsibility (._.)


I have doubt of myself getting to be a Leader before quitting HS...but it is possible.


Yep! Exactly!:grinning:


We should merge this topic with another one.


That would be ok. But how?


Who is the new leaders?


I dunno. Lemme check…