Who do you look up to?


I look up to @Rawrbear because....
* He likes what I like: Rawrbear knows and likes undertale and sometimes does memes with them which are really funny sometimes. He doesn't spam the memes and uses them with things kinda go downhill.

  • He knows me: Uhh yeah a lot of hopscotch know me but him knowing me helps a lot

  • He's a great hopscotcher: He makes projects like no other and got on featured like 20 times.

  • He's very nice: He cares for the community and is nice to everyone

  • He likes my projects: You know I was scereaming in excitement when he liked my project?!

That wraps up my weird list and i work my hardest to be as good or even better than Rawrbear


Thanks! It's awesome that I'm your role model! :smiley:

Here's Frisk's soul for a replacement for a like!


Your welcome
Found a trick that allows you not to say 29202020


Yeah, just put them in <>!



@Rawrbear here's a Chara soul cause I ran out: :yellow_heart: I dunno what his soul looks like


You could just put <
In front of a text to make it disappear not needing both


I know! I do both anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


It also says that they are both incredibly similar in looks and everything! :grin:


... I guess that connects to genoicide but
Now people who don't care about Undertale or just wants to stop seeing undertale things who do YOU look up to?


I look up to quite a few people, but I'll go with @Kiwicute2016! :grinning:

  • She's very kind and helpful, and her projects are amazing! :D
  • She's an awesome leader, and it's easy to tell why the Hopscotch Team promoted her! :D
  • She likes my projects! :D (this one isn't as important, but I still wanted to mention it.)

Kiwicute is an awesome Hopscotcher, and is also one of my main inspirations. :grinning:


Undertale is amazing but....
I look up to
@LotsaPizza because

She's Nice to everyone on forum
She's an amazing artist who makes me aspire to be as good as her
She helps people (including me once or twice)


Get back on topic topic topic topic topic topic? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Okay, for real, GBOT!

I look up to @Kiwicute2016, too! She's awesome, and for some of the same reasons @Mathgirl said!

She's probably the best role model on Hopcotch! :smile:


So I look up to a person who looks up to someone who might look up to someone else?


Well that's kinda confusing :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I look up to @Stick88...
He loves Stickmen...


Omg thank you :smile: Made my day!!!


Hmm... I don't really know. I look up to a lot of Hopscotchers, actually! Hard to name a few!


I look up to @SmileyAlyssa Because..

  • she is really nice!

  • she make great coding projects/games!

  • well shes really really amazing!


Thank you so much! :D

I love your Mr. Mustache Draw project! It's so cool!

And @Rawrbear as well!


You're welcome! :grinning:

And thanks! :slight_smile:


Here's a like! :heart: