Who do you look up to on hopscotch?



Who do you look up to! Who encorenges you is nice and easy to comuticate with and down not curse? Who is that awesome hopscotcher! mine are @PopTart0219 and @SnowGirl_Studios! Hope you enjoy from the fluffy bear


I look up to @LazyLizard @SmilingSnowflakes RandomowlsLC @SmileyAlyssa @Gilbert189 @MagmaPOP @Rawrbear @Huggingfluffybear @LotsaPizza @OrangeScent1 and sososososososososososososososos many more :wink:


Mine are probably the following.
@PopTart0219 because she is always very helpful, and she helped me a bunch this morning when my account was hacked and a bunch of fake personal information was given out.
@OrangeScent1 because she inspires me, she is such a great artist and I wish I could be as noticed as she is.


Wow thank you so so so much!


This just made my day, no my year! This is a really sweet and kind topic! I promise as soon as i get my likes back i'm liking this! Wow, i thought no one looked up to me.. thank you sooooo much!!


Your welcome!!!! It's true, your an awesome coder ;D


No problem you made me happy when I litterly was crying!


Wow thanks a lot!!!!


Thank you so much! :D


My pleasure! Your awesome!


Omg.. not having likes for this topic is killing me!


@Everyone it a very long list if I actually wrote it


Your welcome! And it's true, I visit your account every day, get inspired, and attempt leave a trail block art! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I'm proud of my latest :slightly_smiling:


Well you can see everyone in my long list in the "Who are your favorite Hopscotchers?" topic, but I look up to @Kiwicute2016, @PopTart0219, and @SnowGirl_Studios a lot.


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Okay Here we go!

@SmileyAlyssa, @MagmaPOP (sorry for tagging you! :grin:), @Madi_Hopscotch_ (my first ever follower! she is my IDOL), @PopTart0219, @SmilingSnowflakes, @Kiwicute2016, @CreativeCoder, @Gilbert189, and sooo many more! (i'll add to the list as i remember)

Reasons why i look up to you.

You are all so kind and amazing!! You are all great role models! Your always helping everyone around you!


Aww thanks @CreativeCoder this made my day again!


I look up to @admins, @moderators, and @everyone!


Really, I look up to everyone. Everyone who has ever coded a thing. That means that they're on the same level as me.


I understand what this topic was meant to be for. So...

Such a great coder. She's intelligent in a way that makes others want to code, and is always friendly to others. She's a great problem solver.

The preeminent text artist. Focuses and created incredible details with ease. Very impressive.

I understand how you don't like being unnecessarily tagged. But... I had to show how brilliantly put together your projects are. They flow together so coherently. You're great at what you do.

If I had to use one word to describe you, it's innovator. You inspired me to be better at everything I do.

You redefined my coding. You helped me start off, and you also keep me going. Your projects helped me as a coder, and you became a good friend.

@Follow4LikesOfficial, @BuildASnowman
Both great musicians who have become great friends to me. Amazing people to talk to, and always there for me.

I didn't know you were here to see this, which is why you weren't here at first! You're so innovative and creative. You bring out the best in people, and you always know what to say. So glad you've been able to help out here and on Hopscotch.


Thank you so much!
That made me smile. :D

Here's one million :Ds!

^ That counts as a million. XD ^

And, a gazillion more likes :heart:!

Thank you so much! :D

You are awesome!