Who do you follow? And why do you follow them?


I'm wondering who you follow and why do you follow them? I follow KVJ because he is nice, and good at coding!

People who we follow (a few)

@Kiwicute2016: She is an amazing Hopscotcher and very helpful in the forums!
@ColourfulBlack: She is an amazing drawer artist and draws wonderfully! Also, I signed up for your art club ColourfulBlack, but I can draw better; I need width and color and I messed up because there was too small of an amount of space and it was so glitchy.
@Maltese: She is very nice and amazing at coding! She is also very helpful.
@hansonnoah: He is a great Hopscotcher. I don't know why he quit.
@SmileyAlyssa: We follow her because she is very helpful and good at coding!
@BubblegumCupcakeMix: She is a great and kind Hopscotcher.
@KVJ: He is like our cyber friend! He is really good with sine and Cosine!
@LotsaPizza: She is great at art!
@i.is.an.anonymous: She is an amazing drawer, and changed drawing on Hopscotch!
And many more I forgot to mention.


I am a she :joy:

I don't follow many...

@OrangeScent1 bestiee
ExpressiveBologna real life bestiee
@Puppylover111 biggest fan <3
@RenegadeBird1 another big fan :D
@SmilingSnowflakes coolio friend and duck ;3
This is an account. secret reason >:)


I never knew you followed PuppyLover111!


So who do you guys follow?


Here is some people that I follow and why!

@Gilbert189: Great Games, Great art (both text art and drawing), Awesome ideas, has a very clean channel.
@Anonymous: Amazing music, plus finds amazing people to give shoutouts to! I like the memes too.
@Kiwicute2016: Great text art, inspiring quotes! Not to mention the creative and cool games!
HotPinkMoonbæm: Amazing pixel art and text art! She seems to like to learn, and I like that!
@HoppingBanana: Whenever I go to their channel, I feel like I'm opening up a present with a bunch of little awesome things. There is a ton of cool, sweet projects in their channel! Love it!
@DancingLollipop: Everything she makes seems cute :joy: I like how all of her projects are nice to look at!
@t1_hopscotch: extremely helpful and smart! Plus awesome projects!
@SimplySouthernGurl: She works very hard on projects! She is also always very kind!
@tankt2016: very innovative, and super helpful and nice! Also the girl's art is awesome!

If I follow you, you can ask me to add you to this list! I'll tell ya why I followed you! :blush:


@SmileyAlyssa why do you follow me and I follow you bc you are my inspiration :purple_heart::heart:️:purple_heart::purple_heart::heart:️:purple_heart:


Aw thanks so much @SmileyAlyssa


t1—Super kind and makes extremely innovative projects! She is one of my biggest inspirations!

Buildasnowman.—One of my closest friends on Hopscotch. He is extremely smart and is a master of clones. He always keeps a clear head!

Poptart0219—She was here to support me since the beginning! I don't think anyone can match her kind and helpful personality!

Gilbert189—He's so inspiring and creative! His projects always give me new ideas and I wonder how he creates such amazing projects!

Anonymous—He can bring laughter wherever he goes! He's kind and does awesome music!

MagmaPOP—He's a freaky good coder! How can someone match his projects? He always creates amazing projects!

Oio—Master of clones and sin/cos. Such an amazing coder!

Valgo—O_o His projects are sooo cool! He has an amazing choice of color!

SmilingSnowflakes—She is the sweetest coder I've ever known. Always happy! She also makes the cutest trail art!

Renegadebird—Another extremely sweet coder! She makes amazing trail/text art and it's just hard to compare!

RandomowlsLC—Trail/Text artists are just always so kind! RandomowlsLC blew me away with her projects!

Creations Of A Noob—He is a very smart coder! His projects are just too amazing!

Corvus—His/her projects are amazing! S/he can manipulate sin/cos so well!

A Happy Coder—Such an innovative coder!


MagmaPOP is almost like a computer!


Oh thanks so much! I follow you because you're a great coder and friend and helper etc!


Yaaaasssss. XD
Thanks! :D

@Kiwicute2016 I really need to draw a meme right now for the face I made when I read that. XD
Anyways, thank you! :D


Aww! Thank you so much for the edit! c:

I follow you because you're very talented, and I believe that you will be the next MagmaPOP! c:

You work hard, even when you don't get many likes. I like that about you! c:

I'm not nearly as good as you are with sin and cos, and all of your other coding. I'm just good at text art! c:

I'm still learning. XD


You deserved the edit!

And thanks! That's a big compliment to someone!

And I know Hopscotch isn't about popularity, but likes are motivating, but I say 10-20 likes on most projects means you're on the road to being famous.

Actually, I (the girl, the boy does the Sine and Cosine) am terrible at sine and Cosine. My first project set the object's position to off of the screen and the screen turned up white! No trail on it. :stuck_out_tongue:

And you're amazing at text art! I'm not that talented! And I think we are roasting each other. :D



You're welcome! XD

You're right about everything you said. I agree on all of it!

Except when you said you're bad at sin and cos!

You're better than me! XD


The boy does the Sine and Cosine while I'm the terrible one at it. :D


Hey, everyone has strengths and weaknesses, right?

I'm terrible at sin and cos, and making games. XD


Practice makes perfect! Try taking lessons from SmileyAlyssa, she is good at games.


Thank you! :D


Thank you!







@SmileyAlyssa I follow you because I really like the way you make your projects, and all the time and effort put into them to make them :ok_hand:🏻