Who deserves a shoutout!? Please look at this!



So has many of you know, I remix people's projects and give shout outs, to support small Hopscotchers.
Any suggestions of who I should shoutout next? Give a link to a project, or the name of the person. (You can nominate yourself if you want)


Bumping this up to the top


I am TUMUOwner. I would like a shoutout. I am vey smal but I am learning and getting better.


Welcome to this forum! I hope you have a great time here :D Prepare yourself on Hopscotch

For the spam likes :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks. I really appreciate it.


Your shoutout is done! Check my account!


Thanks! I am already following you and coed it out after I got spammed with likes. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I'm a kind of small hopscotcher I'm not asking for one but @PortalStudio and @TheLogoMaster Are awesome and should get one :wink:


I've actually given them both shout outs already! I'm totally gonna give you a shoutout! What's your hopscotch name!?


I would like a shout out on my may the force be with you my user is Sugarcodes and coffee7 too!


Wookie:tm: @Secret-remixer Thanks :wink:


I want a shout out, I'm trying my best to be a respected hopscotch ;D


Can you give a shoutout to GlitteryUnicorn :unicorn:?


Thanks a lot! I just want to help people that need help whenever I can.