Who created hopscotch and why? Who sparked the idea? Questions for THT!

@trust_level_4 @Meg @Liza @Rodrigo @Montoya

I was just wondering:
Who thought of this app?
How did the person get everyone to help them develop it?
Did they have a big interest in coding?
What inspired them to do this?
Are you proud how far you've come?
Do you come to present in any schools?
What do you think you can improve?
What would you wish to change?
Is there anything you wish you hadn't changed?
What inspired you to make this forum?
Did you think it would be like how it. Is now?
Would you like to change anything about the forum?
How do you react to negative comment?

Feel free to add more questions- it's on global edit!


This video will help answer some:




I think Jocelyn and Sam started it.


Alish, Liza, Meg, Rodrigo, Jocelyn, Ian, Asha, Sam, Maimouna, and everyone else in THT (except Ana since she’s newer).

Wait why are you answering a 2 year old topic?

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@Leaders can we Clive this? It’s really old.

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