Who are your top 3 favorite Hopscotchers?


There are SO many amazing Hopscotchers! I can't even pick a top 3! Can you? Share some Hopscotchers you think are awesome (though they all are) on this!


Hi, there's a topic like this already:

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But its top 3 :0

Ehh I agree tho. Mabey they should merge it!


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I think this one is okay, though, because it's top three instead of just your favorites. Not sure, though.


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@Intellection74 how do you make the link say something like that? I've always wondered xD


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Welcome to the forum. Here are potatoes.
hands over five hundred potatoes
Aquasiren falls over from weight of potatoes
TRC freaks out and calls 911


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My 3 fav Hsers:
@FoodDelivery -not only he's awesome at coding, he's also kind and friendly! A very gud friend
@t7lks - she's awesome at coding and drawing! She's also very creative and nice!
@Mathgirl - although o never get to know her, she's very awesome and creative!
I wish my list could go on and on... but I'll post it at the other topic

Welcome to the forum @Aquasiren !
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omg thank you!

mah fave
@Serenity amazing. job. on projects. and. drawings.
@TheRainbowChicken I lob your chakin spirit
and @kvj wait a sec...how did u get your name on hs? it's suuuuper loNG and why didn't I follow you XD

BONUS: @CORVUS omg I lob your projects and games are so fun! Your project "Who did it?" was so hard for me lol



It's a German Autobiography!

Idk :joy:


I don't think that is is a very positive idea to share our "favorites," because it could make the people that are friends with you feel bad and feel like you're not friends anymore.
But welcome to the forum, enjoy your few days here when you're a basic user, you'll hate me soon for some reason....


Maybe he got the long name cause he's been around before they had a limit on how long your username could be. o_0

Or he's a freemason XD


That's sounds like your gonna kill her, I don't know why my mind thinks like that XD


But I can't chooooossseee ;n;

Ok here's mine :DDD

I need to write about how awesome they all but I'm lazy sooo.. I'll do it later someone remind me xD