Who are your HS Idols?



Who are your hopscotch idols? Because I have lots! What are yours ? :joy:


Tag your idol in the comment section!





My hopscotch idol is @SmileyAlyssa she is so nice and I want her as my friend really bad! :two_women_holding_hands:


What comment section? Do you mean we're supposed to edit your post and tag our idols? Regulars can only make posts other people can edit.


Thanks so much! Of course we can be friends! :smiley:


yayyyyy! :relaxed: 202020


I can't choose one! XD
Everyone is awesome!


Mine Are:



Thank you! :D


But here's some :D
And much much more!


I have some others to!


Aww thanks! That makes me happy! :blush:


Thanks so much @Deadfr! :D


your welcome @RubyWolf1!


it makes me happy that your taking your precise time responding! :blush:


Here's a like @RubyWolf1 and @Deadfr!

Thank you! :D


:heart: :heart: :heart_decoration:


My idols are


EDIT: Oh, and one more:

Yang, our cat (sitting with me right now)


Mine are...
@SmileyAlyssa and @SmileyAlyssa-BACKUP,
Also @RubyWolf1,
And @admins, @moderators, @staff, @everyone


thank you @Fun_in_the_Sun so much! I feel so happy right now!


@SmilingSnowflakes @MagmaPOP @SmileyAlyssa @Kiwicute2016and so on...