Who are your favourite Hopscotchers?


Your likes come back the next day though


Oh.... I didn't know that. Well, I learnt something today from you!


You will learn much more about Hopscotch, peeps like us and how awesome THT actually are


Here are the amount of likes that different trust levels get per day
Members- 100
Regulars- 200
Leaders- 300
Moderators- I dunno


I havent ran out of likes in a long time but the last time i did was like 4 weeks ago @FoodDelivery


@CreamBliss for example this is how THT chooses the projects on featured http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/nominations-for-featured/6104?u=fooddelivery


Ur closer to regular @FoodDelivery!!!!
3 day read time
30k posts read
45 days visited!
Only like..5 or 6 days to go!!


5 more days!! yay!!!


Yes I know @smishsmash your probably thinking that I wake up so late XD What time did you wake up?


I only need 11 days and 10k more posts!!!!


Yeah!! you are close as well!


The pain of not liking ;-;

You've reached the maximum number of likes today. Please wait 4 hours before trying again.


I love your projects on HS!! They are so cool! I recently really liked your starry night project, so awesome! Keep the the aweosme projects! :smiley:



I woke up at 3:00am (ಠ_ಠ✿)
You wake up sooooo late ohmgee


Omg you woke up so early XD


You woke up so late tho :0

I think the Melanie fan girl inside me woke me up early is I could listen to Melanie xD
Because that's what happened xD


Are my senpais!!!
There are many MANY more! (About 10 more?! I added some!)
I have so many senpais!
Now i know what they mean!!!


Thank you so much! ;u;


Thanks! You're one of the most awesome Hopscotcher in Hopscotch!


Wow, thanks so much!

I never knew I would be anyone's senpai to be honest XD