Who are your favorite people YOU follow



Instead of seeing who follows you, tell others who you follow! So @ your favorite people you follow, maybe they made your day with a project, maybe you love seing their art! maybe even tell them why you follow them! My goal is to have this topic make some peoples day!

Heres some people I follow

@BuildASnowman- Your MIDI hack was amazing!
@AmazingAlphaAquaWolf- your so kind and supportive
@AHappyCoder- you make awesome games!
@LazyLizard- cool art!
@LotsaPizza- Your realism on art brightens my day up!
THT- well... for making hopscotch!
@OrangeScent1- your art is inspiring
@SASSYSINGER- for being a great partner
@Candycane - for being amazing
@BubblegumCupcakeMix- amazing projects and personality
@Bananadog-amazing projects
@friendship2468- for being nice
@Anonymous - amazing music! its outstanding
@CreativeCoder- So nice! and amazing projects
@Phase_Admin- super cool projects!
@Kiwicute2016- super helpful and kind!
@PopTart0219- always their to help anyone on their projects!
@Anyone_Else_I_Follow- just for being their and having an amazing personality


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